Dj Gringo da Parada

“He’s the Godfather. And he’s French. Kind of. A citizen of Le Monde with a heartbeat of Liberation and the Guardian of all things good musically. Like Mesrine mixed with Robespierre and a dash of Gainsbourg and Socrates, Gringo Da Parada has made his name everywhere from the top of the Sugarloaf to the gutters of Pigalle. Ever seen a DJ in an apron and nothing else play Seu Jorge, Symmetry and The Stranglers? The semi naked jester DJ!!

When you experience the ‘Parada’ effect, you’ll either be hypnotised, saddle sore or leave early for some suburban night club (and good riddance!). Leave your RihannaGuettaMafia attitude at the door and check in for France’s finest export since Camembert was first hurled across La Manche to Hastings. Vive La France! Vive La Resistance! Vive La Parada Revolution!” Ross Clarke

Dj Gringo da Parada is Jérôme Pigeon, the legendary co-founder of Favela Chic Paris and London. The music he plays is a mix of pretty much everything and it is impossible not to dance on top of a table and let out of most outrageous moves.

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