Bianca Turner

Bianca Turner is a Brazilian artist born in 1984 in São Paulo.

She has lived in London since 2007, graduated in Performance Design and Practice at Central Saint Martins (University of the Arts) and working as a freelancer on films and theatre as a scenographer.

My interest in mixed-media performances started with me working as costume designer in short films and later on as an Art Director and Production Designer. From this experience with film, I’ve trained my mind on how to create within the aesthetics of film. I was always very interested in photography and the camera, so my thoughts started to turn to live visual images with a meaning behind them. I realised that I am able to express myself using the medium I best know: film. My creation process involves a mixture of design, strong concepts and framed image.

“SARAY” is a video and sound installation about the memory process, the memory codes and genetic memory. It relates to our ancestors and how we can feel nostalgic about a place or a moment that we never saw or lived before. Unifying my abilities as an art director, production designer and also video maker, I’ve developed this work from a research trip to Sarajevo, where my grandmother and great-grandmother were born, and linked my own past with the way our brain stores long-term and short-term memory.

My ideas are normally very visual, I think in composition and colors very much, but also in poetic imagery, infusing deep meaning into images. The starting point for my video installation “Saray” was not only my ancestors, but my idea of finally developing a project which goes along with my visual ideas – having video images like moving poetry.

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